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Comments on the Military and Business Ownership

We asked veteran owned businesses listed in to tell us how their time in the military helped them succeed as business owners. Below are some of their answers.

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“Enhanced management skills.”

Harry LaSha Gray - Celebration DJ, LLC

“I was able to travel through the world and collect all my stamps and I learned to keep extremely good records.”

Richard Easingwood - Easy's Stamps

“Logistics management, organizational skills, operations. ”

Martin Bishop - Evac One

“The military taught me leadership, management, and people skills.”

Thomas Krick - Homeland Property Inspections

“The military helped me focus on leadership skills, being goal-oriented and a having high level professionalism.”

Richard Fendley - Interior Fusion, LLC

“Do to the military training, I have learned to communicate with different type of individual and to communicate with them their needs for my service. My main service is to help each individual to purchase the home of their dream or to help current homeowner get better rate and lower their monthly payment of their current home mortgage.”

John Sheppard - J Sheppard Loan Processing Service

“The experience acquired during my 23 years of military service and our unique approach to identify and complete our projects, places us at a different level than that of our competitors. Indirectly we are still serving our nation and those that are currently serving and we are extremely proud for it!”

Alfredo Quiros - Telum Protection Corp

“Military service has made me an even more responsible person!”

Roy Drangstveit - Minnesota Valley Inspections LLC

“Gave me the principles and discipline that drives my business.”

Thomas Bednarczyk - SilverLining Partners LLC

“I joined as a very young man. The Army instilled in me to believe in myself, have determination and never quit. Tho I be the lone survivor Rangers lead the way.”

Dewey Mitchell - Durable Cages LLC

“Taught me discipline!”

Pete Brush - My Geek For Hire


John(Jack) Furtney - JS Gifts and More

“Persistence and Organization!”

James Terhune - T&T Materials

“To deliver services in a promised time and respect customers.”

Thomas Covington - A-1 Copy Systems, LLC

“The Air Force has prepared me to be a professional leader!”

Mark Northrup - House 2 Home LLC

“Organizational and leadership skills.”

James Abbott - Satcom Scientific, Inc.

“Get it done attitude.”

Jerry Dorman - Jerry W. Dorman Master Electrician

“Being an Infantry officer in the Army is about health, fitness and self-defense of our nation, through leadership of others. Teaching traditional Kung Fu is all about helping others develop health, fitness, self-defense, and leadership skills.”

Doyle Perry - United Martial Arts

“The discipline and hard work that I experienced in the Navy was priceless. It helped me to create a successful pressure washing business. Serving my country through the United States Navy was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

KENNETH MEDINA - CFB Pressure Washing

“By supplying me with the tools to become a responsible, organized and motivated adult.”

Willie Vega Jr. - FITNESS 4 LIFE Personal Training

“The military discipline most of all gave me the head start to achieve in civilian life and the command training gave me the ability to direct others toward goal accomplishment.”

Jim McConaghy -

“Taught me to lead by example.”

Jeffrey Allen - Global Crossroads Capital

“As a Retied Command Master Chief, USN, my military experience prepared me to be a better business owner through visible leadership, team work, hands on management, and a strong moral compass.”

Barry Hemphill - Green Things

“On active and reserve duty I obtained the position of Sr. Drill which allowed me Leadership and Management opportunities along with discipline and respect of others. This is the best Country in the world as I have been to several other countries during my 27 years in the Military. I believe our elders and military veterans should have the opportunity to have the best value of the services offered them. I have continually maintained a high level of schooling, education and knowledge in my field.”

Samuel Pozdol - Peete's Electric Company

“The military gave me Leadership skills and a "success driven" attitude; enabling me to focus on my business plan and objectives while providing a friendly atmosphere to my clients.”

Devin Waddell - Aquatic Explorers Society dba Elements Dive

“Being a Marine & D. I. speaks for it's self - There is only one way to do it and "That's The Right Way". ~ They call me {The Box Doctor} and I have 46 years experience Semper Fi”

Roger Maxson - Maxson Container Consultants

“My time as an active duty Marine gave me the discipline and sense of accountability that has helped me become not only a better business person but a better individual. Take pride in everything you do whether it's at home or on the job.”

Chris Finck - Waddell & Reed

“Gave us the fortitude to Last in Business from 1977 to now.”

Edward Ginner - Alachua Telcom Inc.

“From the very beginning of my business career I found the discipline and regimentation I had learned in military service to be of great value. I was able to apply this directly, first to learning a business, and then to teaching my employees about their jobs. I also learned in the military that success generally required a team effort and that every member of that team was equally valuable. For instance, fighter pilots may hold the "glory" jobs in the Air Force, but they would not be able to function without a team of mechanics and technicians who service, maintain, sometimes control, and when necessary, rescue the aircraft and crew.”

Carl Lewis - SnowWalker, LLC

“Personal relations and discipline.”

Henry Canup - Henry Canup's Metal Polishing

“Taught me planning.”

Peter Peno - The Hitch Man, Inc

“Military service prepared me to be an effective leader in all kinds of situations. It taught me to be a better decision maker and to be fair and equitable in my dealings with others.”

James Boles - BTI

“The military taught me responsibility and determination.”

James Jarrett - North American Environmental Services, LLC

“Leadership training and concept of personal Duty and Honor.”

Mark Preson - Operations and Engineering

“Professionalism, Compassion and Prudence. All traits associated with growing up in a military family and continue today as I say congrats and good luck to a Grandson going the Navy way.”

Rick Pino - Ricon Compliance Inspections

“The army gave me the discipline and determination to go beyond boundaries to achieve succeed. The military gave me the opportunity to see the world and the needs of our industry that are global. The demand for quality and longevity in our products and the internal frame work of our company and most of all the pride in providing American made products.”

HE Dan Bunch - Odorite International Inc.

“The 343rd. & 2849th. Civil Engineering Squadrons taught me the ins & outs of the Construction Industry. From how to set Brick, Block, Concrete, Windows, Doors & Drywall to Materials Procurement & Scheduling just to name a few.”

Michael Pereira - Palm Home Improvement Inc.

“It helped me develop a disciplined, organized and communicative work style.”

Karen Auguste - Purple Lynx Inc.

“As a Navy hospital corpsman back in the mid 80s, I spent several years juggling many tasks at one time. Whether drawing blood or filing medical records, everything had to be extremely organized and done quickly and perfectly. There was no room for error when it came to dealing with my daily duties in the Navy and there is no room for error today in running an agency. The military also helped me become comfortable working with different people from all ranks and all walks of life which makes running a web-centric marketing agency like eWareness much easier.”

Brian St.Ours - eWareness

“The military taught me that there is always a way to get something done and I believe I have brought that attitude to my business.”

Matthew Gilmore - Lincoln Process Service

“Taught me how to deal with stress!”

Marty Katz - QBD Consulting, Inc

“I am a retired Navy Commander and the Navy gave me the necessary management skills to start my own business.”

Joseph Scarola - Capital Material Handling, LLC

“The Military Service gave me the determination to succeed.”

C. Henry Adams - Broadcasting Interest Enterprise, Inc.

“Honor. Integrity. Experience. ”

Ernest Arnold - ACE Midwest, LLC

“Procedures and systems.”

Ron Glazer - Ron Glazer

“Management skills and the drive to success. Never give up no matter the how small or big the obstacle is in your path.”

Joseph Navarra - National Hospitality Resources

“Provided training, education, experience and ethical core values.”

Jay Marzulli - Biz Web Wiz Web Design

“First the military service allowed me to participate in the GI Bill which paid for my Masters Degree in Business. Second it instilled in me a sense of integrity and honesty with is often missing in business. Third it taught me to focus on clients.”

Paul Harar - Maximum Blends

“It has given me tons of leadership experience!”

Jeremiah Richards - City Green Landscaping LLC

“The Army solidified my foundation of principles, values, and training which provided me with tools to be a leader. These tools gave me the courage to finish my degree and pursue my own path as a business owner.”

Rosario Hurel - Hurel Transcription Translation Professionals

“Standing on my feet for hours, listening to the roar of the ships engines, and being meticulous are all necessary characteristics of a good sailor and a vigilant press man!”

Jeff Hooper - Hooper Printing

“To be disciplined, focused and detail oriented.”

Jim Sabatello - Inland Flooring Contractors, Inc.

“Serving in the military gave me a good sense of direction and ethical business practices as well as a hard-working and responsible lifestyle.”

Michael Friedberg - Secure Standards, LLC

“It helped me pay attention to small details and being prompt.”

Frederick Franks - Acme Logistics, Inc

“Taught me discipline and gave me the self esteem needed.”

Dan Engel - Employee Benefit Solutions LLC

“Leadership. Never surrender. Think outside the box.”

Fred Seger - Graydentech

“The military's ability to create professionals, good work ethic, discipline and can do attitude has definitely helped me with my business.”

Michael Rock - Rocktek

“First and foremost, the Navy taught me electrical. I work until the job is finished. Confidence, knowledge and integrity were expected of me while serving and now those characteristics are provided for my clients.”

Steven Barrow - Sun Electrical & Renovations, LLC

“Determination, readiness, motivated, able to accomplish any task!”

Douglas Goss - The Plumber Company, LLC

“The military taught me determination.”

Vernon Williams - The Williams Company

“It has made and kept me Responsible.”

Rowland Givens - The Wright Place Foundation Inc.

“Goal setting and personal discipline and the attitude to never give up also with the goal of giving back to my God and country for blessing me.”

thomas nordstrom - Tom Nordstrom Construction

“Attention to detail. Management skills with employees.”

Ryan Powell - The Cleaning Corps

“Tolerance, endurance, must succeed attitude.”

Linda Newberry - Agape Pools Leak Detection & Repair


Thomas Crook - Uncle Tom's Handyman Service

“Responsibility for actions, leadership, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and being on time are all qualities that 23 years of military service taught me, enabling me to be successful after leaving the military.”

Keith Sublett - Gorilla Integrations, LLC

“By developing my organizational skills and giving me pride and determination.”

Eric brackman - RFI Consultants

“William Boone, was a Fleet Marine Corpsman in pre-Vietnam era. We are determined to support and encourage our brave heroes and to see that the disgraceful actions to our Vietnam vets doesn't happen to these heroes today. We have compassion and empathy with our deployed military. Our daughter has been to the SandBox 3 times with the Army so we understand the needs of our young people.”

William Boone - TOUCH OF HOME Support 4R Deployed Military, Inc.

“My military service has helped me to be a better business owner by the organizational skills I was taught and the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles and adverse situations. Above all else honesty, integrity and to take responsibility.”

RUSSELL PRICE - R.J. Price Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

“Attention to detail, self discipline, teamwork, and a "never quit" attitude was instilled in us in the USCG. If you apply these principles to everything you do, you will prevail.”

Donald Lynch - LYNCH Janitorial & Cleaning, LLC

“It gave me the skill to stick to it when the going has been slow.”

Richard Jennings - R H Jennings, LLC

“CAN Do attitude. Always ready to get the job done.”

peter vanwolvelaerd - VanDahl Engineering & Construction

“Since I've served in both the Army and Marine Corps, I have made the lessons learned, standard protocol. Just as I had to do to learn how to walk again after getting hit with an I.E.D. while providing convoy security in Iraq.”

Kris Rodriguez - The Rodriguez Insurance Agency

“It showed me the drive that it takes to succeed, and the integrity to make sure the job is done right.”

Nelson Borgeson - Borg Construction Services

“One word: Discipline!”

Mike Gillingham - Eastern Iowa Inspection Services LLC

“The submarine service taught me discipline and the need to work in cooperation with others.”

Michael Addison - Siella Imaging LLC

“Military service helped develop my focus on detail which enables my optical scanning service help businesses concentrate on what they do best.”

Susan Berehulka - Scanning Innovations, LLC

“The Texas Air National Guard instilled in me (at least) three traits that are highly desirable in business owners/entrepreneurs... discipline, perseverance and tenacity. Without these traits I would never have been able to drive my business to where it is now.”

Chris Nicolaou - Texas DNS, Inc.

“Leadership, working with teams, management, efficiency and hard work.”

Mel Lamont - Lamont Brands Inc.

“Leadership skills, self discipline, team work, motivation. Take pride in my work.”

David Nicoletti - A Affordable Painting

“Leadership by Example. Supply Chain Management Skills.”

Billy Williamson - Global MPG

“The military helped by providing me with the determination to keep striving for success in everything that I do!”

Edward McCullough Sr. - The Bait Barn

“Being a leader of Marines prepared me to take the reigns of my company and relentley give everything that I possibly can to ensure that our customer base comes first and receives nothing but the highest quality of service.”

Brett Granger - Global Garage Flooring and Design of Houston, LLC.

“Leadership and Character. The military gave me the confidence to know that I can do anything I set my mind on.. and that's the truth! 100% success thus far!”

Jeffrey Gonzalez - DirectJG HIDS and Accessories

“Discipline, leadership, coping with things when the tides are against me.”

David Woods - Woods Patrol and Security Service

“The courtroom is a tough place to succeed, but not near as tough as the training and experiences I encountered in the Marine Corps as an enlisted infantryman.”

Russell Little - The Law Offices of Russell Little, LLC

“The military developed my leadership and management skills through the years and the ability to see how communications and relationships with other organizations was key in making your operations successful.”

Laura Orcutt - Laura Orcutt Business Operating Solutions LLC (LOBOS)

“Honesty and integrity!”

Ronald McClaskey - R-Mac Electrical Service

“The military instilled the importance of pride and dedication in the task at hand, also the need for attention to the details of any task I undertake.”

Michael Langel - Proving Grounds Lawn Care

“The leadership training I received in the US Army prepared me to take on many challenges in life as well as taught me the skills I needed to venture out and start my own business.”

Leopold Lacrimosa - SonoranDesertKnives

“Planning for multiple scenarios and learning to think independently and still be a team member are just a couple of attributes passed from active military service to being a business owner.”

Alan Ferneau - Tymely Moments - Brandon

“Taught me a "never quit" philosophy!”

F Gregg Meagher - Life Regeneration Systems Corporation LLC

“Learned how to be more focused on getting things done, and to research as much as I can before taking action.”

David Rowland - Rowland Enterprises

“Military Service enabled me to have the discipline and internal drive to succeed in creating and growing my own company.”

Jamie Falconi - Stellar Apparel

“Discipline, team work, never give up attitude.”

Marvin Whitaker - Skip's Construction Co., Inc.

“Progressing through the ranks to senior NCO you get to see in many ways different needs of people and what makes them motivated. The organizational skills and personal and material managerial skills are necessary whether you are running a business.”

Paul Marsters - Survival and Rescue Training and Consulting

“The leadership and discipline from my military service prepared me for managing not only one business but two.”

Dorothy West - AVON - Independent Sales Representative - Dorothy West

“Detail oriented professional services with dedication to customer service and satisfaction.”

Robert Welch - ATEX Inspects

“Never give up and absolutely never forget what you're fighting for!”

Thomas Kamm - All Veterans Funeral and Cremation

“Never quit or give up!”

Randy Hill - RRJN Inc.

“Discipline. Before entering the army I was a mess but afterward I became very organized.”

Stanley Sigstad - Trader Sigstad's Coffee

“The military has provided me with the perseverance required to stay focused to any obstacle or task at hand.”


“Taught me the importance of responsibility, commitment, integrity, honor, service. Never to give up, always stand for what is right. GOD bless all our veterans, and GOD bless the United States of America.”

Jose Uz - Caribbean Realty Support Services

“Discipline, pride in workmanship, attention to detail, extraordinary customer service ethic.”

Jeff Truesdale - Proforma True Solutions

“Military services prepared me to be a better business owner by strengthening my attention to detail; motivating me to be the best that I can be in whatever circumstance; building on my leadership skills and giving me a great foundation to grow on.”

Teresa Garner - Think Business, Inc.

“Serving in the Army and now the Reserves has helped me to be more aware of the world around me. My organizational and communication skills have improved, I have an increased love for my country and our freedoms. I returned from my 4th deployment to Afghanistan (2012) and am honored to say that I have served with the finest men and women and am grateful for their support and for what we have learned together.”

Adam Peters - Three Willows Counseling, LLC

“The discipline, training, and life experiences make veterans the best small business leaders in the civilian community. We use all those learned lessons and training experiences and apply them to our day to day operations and find they work extremely well.”

Michael Mizell - Millennium Security Services, LLC

“It has given me the discipline to realize that what the mind can see it can achieve!”

Richard Olvera - LegalShield Independent Associate - Richard Olvera

“I learned to take responsibility for situations.”

Christopher Rice - Southern Finishes Estimating, LLC

“How life is.”

Shari Wahlert - Wahlert Service

“When I enlisted in the navy right out of school, this was during the Vietnam war. I was a gun captain with the responsibilities of ten young men like myself, and the military by giving me that task set the wheels in motion, with teaching me leadership among my peers, and has helped me with my business.”

mike whitmer - Mike's Natural Stone Walls

“Attention to detail!”

eric smith - Father and Sons Lawn Care

“Military service instills many fine characteristics such as integrity, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and much more. It makes you appreciate the freedoms that we are afforded because of the sacrifices of those know what it truly means to serve.”

Jeff Haynes - Realty Inspection Services, LLC

“Military service taught me about honor, integrity, service, and responsibility. My accountability to each of my patients comes from a partnership that I create with each of them, much like the soldiers previously under my command.”

Jennifer Paweleck-Bellingrodt - Bello Enterprises, LLC

“Discipline and the ability to converse with all levels of people. Confidence. Airborne training proved that I could accomplish what I set out to do.”

Charles Luntz - Charles Luntz & Associates

“Paying attention to the details is a skill I acquired in the Army. It fits very well running a small business.”

Ronald Foster - Consumer Opinion Solutions

“During my time in the military I learned discipline, paying attention to detail, patience, to aggressively tackle challenging projects and the determination to see them thru to successful completion.”

Richard Holscher - Electro Products, Inc.

“Serving my country has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. The leadership, problem solving skills, as well as the strong work ethics instilled on me while serving, permeate everything we do at our law firm.”

Gary Lambert - Lambert & Associates

“With 26 ½ years military service and 20 years of civil service with the Army and Navy, as an enlisted Air Force member through retirement from the Army Reserve as an Army Officer I learned organizational, management, leadership and down-to earth people skills that are essential in any business.”

Dwayne Burgess - Onsite Visions 360

“Being a Corpsman in the Navy for 8 years taught me leadership and attention to detail.”

Jeff Moore - Quantum Home Inspections, LLC

“Government contracts can be a daunting task. However, having served in the Army the skills you develop as a leader prepare you to adapt to changing needs and to pay close attention to detail.”

Taylor Justice - Squared Away Construction

“It has provided me with the knowledge to better navigate the inner politics of most offices.”

Steve Clark - The Vannet Group, LLC

“The Marines helped build my organizational skills and Leadership role in my Community.”

Phillip Bird - 1st Down

“I spent 17.5 years serving on active duty. All of the days had enriched my development which in turn has made in to the Man I am today.”

John Adair - J&H Custom Woodworking

“I wish there was more services like this.”

joseph jacobs - Military Veteran Painting

“The military life requires discipline and focus - two key elements required to be successful in business. We have a very unique perspective on life once we are no longer active in the military but the residual affect of our commitment is evident.”

Sofia Hogan - Sofia Hogan Biz Coaching

“By training me in the skills of a Physical Therapy Aide which are the foundation for my Massage Therapy training.”

Michael Wolfes - Michael's Mobile Massage, LLC

“The founders of VeteransPlus believe that the principal of 'Serving Those Who Have Served Us' should be extended beyond the bureaucratic limits of government. Our view is that we should all devote as much pride and determination in service to veterans and their families as we would expect from them in our national defense.”

David Collins - VeteransPlus

“Gary Moyer served in the US Air Force, and is acclimated to the military culture. Dawn Callahan grew up with a disabled Marine who had both physical and emotional results from his injuries.”

Gary Moyer - AZ Disabled Scuba Divers Foundation

“Military service has prepared me to be a better business owner because of the discipline and assertiveness gained through my military experience.”

Calvin Glenn - CG1 Audio Systems

“Discipline and determination I learned in the Military has had a great part in my business that produces higher standard in my work.”

JERRY ACOSTA - JD and Master

“The years in the military prepared me to handle any situation that comes along. It also prepared me to persevere through adversity. It made me a stronger person both mentally and physically.”

thomas heinz - PDQ Delivery Service

“We understand the stresses imposed on the military families, and offer a standing discount for active duty military.”

Kenneth Schroeder - Bryant House Bed & Breakfast

“By teaching me at an early age that our country is the greatest country in the world. This inspired me to succeed in everything I do.”

Gonzalo Vergara - Distinctive Personnel

“Hard work and perseverance and never give up. If you get knocked down get up and keep swinging.”

bob gertz - Parrot Cove Marina

“The military taught me to apply attention to detail in all my work. It has helped my organize, plan and execute the services I provide to my customers.”

William Slusser - Patriot Cleaning Services

“The Military taught me discipline and responsibility, these are the most important qualities that I have been able to bring to my business efforts.”

john gorman - Pocket Constitution

“Dedication, hard work and always faithful (semper fidelis).”

Ron Hall - R & S Small Engine Service

“Discipline and stick-to-it-tiveness, organizational skills, administrative, keep moving forward in the face of adversity; no doubt that without the skill sets I learned and honed in 18 years of military service that they prepared me.”

Doug Kelly - SEO for My Website

“My 4-year enlistment in the United States Air Force taught me many skills. As a Security Police K-9 officer, I learned how to write detailed incident reports that would later be used in court to get full convictions. I also learned that a quest for knowledge and training in my career field led to special duty assignments, advancement and recognition by my superiors. Additionally, my GI Bill benefits allowed me to further my education and complete my degree programs, which provided me with additional skills needed in today's business environment.”

Jeff Tomczak - Rocky Mountain Flag Company - Littleton


Max Hills - Reliable Auto Service, Inc.

“It has definitely installed the discipline and dedication in me that is required to run a successful business.”

Shonda Lewis - Proactive Support Solutions

“The USN 82-86 has taught me or helped prepare me in life for all the big words like, responsibility, dependability, respect, fairness, and much more! I probably would not be where I am today without this valuable duty of serving my country!”

Michael Marcus - Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

“It further trained me and gave me experience in process improvement and information technology consulting services.”

Anthony Adamson - Adamson Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS)

“My 12 years in the Marine Corps going from Pvt to SSgt and a Commissioned Officer, have given me the confidence and leadership skills to handle any challenge that I am confronted with. It also gave me the personal drive to start my own business.”

Jason Bailey - Bailey Land Group, Inc.

“In the military you learn a business from the bottom up. Although you may not look at the service as being a business it is in it's own way. You start at an entry level position and work your way to supervisory then on to management.”

Tammy Bowles - CAG LLC

“Honesty, integrity and hard work.”

Scott Eastman - GreatScott Images

“USAF provided outstanding training and experience which has enabled me to become a bar-none, state-of-the-art computer and electronics guru.”

JOSEPH SMITH - Joseph Smith - IT and RF Consultant

“I've learned to be a manager and dealing with different types of personalities. To have the persistence and dedication to drive through the difficult times and push hard for success. To maintain the highest level of INTEGRITY in all my dealings.”

Scott Husted - Shreveport Filtration LLC

“The military education that I have had along with my job as an engineering draftsman/illustrator as well as art school has prepared me to do what is required for the sign business. I have served in the Navy as well as a Civil service retirement.”

William Smith - Signs by Splat

“The Army has helped me become a better business owner by giving me the confidence and knowledge to provide people with a service. The leadership tools that I acquired in the army made me a better communicator and listener.”

Richard Baisden - T&D Productions, LLC

“My previous military training, discipline and service during WWII following an "unemployment recession" similar to the current national recession, was a factor in my desire to succeed in civilian life. I have since then, only once, during the entire period of my adult life, actually worked for a company.”

Leon B. Siwek - World Wide Waters

“Discipline is the word.”

Joseph Massie - Massie Commercial Real Estate Services

“Improvise and overcome any difficult situation which applies to the construction trades, organization and planning to meet all challenges.”


“The leadership and team building skills that I learned through the Navy gave me a definite advantage over my competition to build strong foundation with a very committed and dedicated staff.”

Kathryn Murphy - Comfort Keepers - Jacksonville Florida

“I have learned how to handle a challenge.”

Glen Sandiford - My Virtual Accountants

“The Marines & Vietnam taught me not to give up, communicate, disagree is OK, and work together. With that nothing is impossible.”

Mike Mah - NoStressMike

“Integrity, discipline, management & leadership.”

Donald Carter - Secure Comm Technologies, Inc.

“Learned responsibility and chain of command.”

Clifton Coleman - Ugly Otter Trading Post

“Army leadership training and attention to detail have been helpful in executing a strong business plan.”

E Gilvary - Chaos Generation Studios

“Dedication and hard work!”

Gene Yoho - Crescent Electric Service Co Inc

“Discipline, motivation, and pride.”

Ken Martin - Lodging Kit Company

“Responsibility and accountability. The military taught me how both of these words will have an impact on my military career. Now that I am retired I have adapted these principals into my everyday business life.”

kevin Palladino - PAL's Power Washing, LLC

“Very attentive to detail, caring and sharing with others.”

Jim Shear - Sekurenet Inc.

“The military prepares people with a unique perspective on challenges. Veterans learn how to approach the world from another angle, and have an unparalleled drive and focus for meeting each challenge.”

Chad Bowerman - The Yellow Dog Group, LLC

“My military service is the back bone of my business. The Marine Corps is the base of my work ethic.”

Scott Williams - Crown Fire Protection

“It has made me aware of attention to detail and the importance of serving others.”

Benjamin Ross - Indiana ProClean

“I think just the basic hard work that was involved with my job. I was an operating engineer but found myself operating a handle (shovel) more often than not. The work ethic that was formed really can't be beat. I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Adam Butusov - M1 Property Management Company

“The Marine Corps teaches organizational and leadership skills that are vital in a business setting. It also instills values such as honesty and integrity, which many businesses lack these days. The military also paid for my college education.”

Nicole Wylie - No Streaking Professional Window Washing

“Leadership traits and principles instilled by the Corps.”

Wade Grant - PC Tech MediX

“18 months in Vietnam in 1969 right out of high school teaches you how to handle any situations that comes your way, and for me that 18 month tour has made me a better business owner.”

Jon Murany - Photo-Tec Graphics & Signs

“Instilled in me a sense of drive and purpose that has been the key to my 25+ years of success as operator and owner of a small business distributing safety products and protective clothing to industry. My business is my life!”

Paul Hill - PJ Hill Industries

“I am a disciplined, well organized and punctual business owner who believes in providing a quality service at a reasonable price.”

Joe Ferguson - Rio Grande Home Inspections, LLC

“My training and combat tours have given me the knowledge to train others.”

Eric Ives - Tactical Strategies and Concepts, Inc.

“The military prepared me for the unexpected. In the Infantry we spend years training for situations that will likely never occur, but we try to be pro-active. This training has led me to be proactive in business, trying to anticipate problems, opportunities, market fluctuations and movements before they occur.”

Michael Moussa - PartSnap

“My time in the Air Force allowed me the opportunity to meet new people across the country, develop wonderful skills for restoring and renovating old homes, and enjoying and embracing new experiences with each assignment. It was a great life and career that has led to another! We look forward to serving our community again; just in a new capacity!”

Timothy Allen - A G Thomson House Bed and Breakfast

“I've been doing government contracting for 43 years. Retired C.O. from the USAF in 1986.”

Rick Horn - Nevada Procurement Outreach Program

“The Air force taught me discipline, to pay attention to detail, to be on time and many other things to numerous to name.”

James Gibbs - Quality Painting by James

“As a Veteran of the first Gulf War, I know the importance of making the most out of every day. The training I received as a 12B Combat Engineer (1st Infantry Division) has prepared me to clearly assess any situation and to address any challenge in a calm manner. The Army has prepared me for all that life has thrown at me over the years and has given me the ability to lead people in a positive way. My service has reinforced how Blessed I am to be an American, and how Blessed I am to have opportunities to help others!”

Peter Nasarenko - XCL Unlimited LLC

“Learned to be responsible, punctual, dependable, persistent, loyal, appreciate teamwork, respect for self and others, leadership.”

Jesse Willingham - TriMark Marketing Technologies, Inc.

“It taught me personal responsibility, accountability, and efficiently.”

william frueh - Treeline Design LLC

“As a veteran of combat ready carrier duty, it provided me emergency preparedness experience as it relates to supporting local and large scale disasters.”

Jerome Hamilton - TractorFax Technologies, LLC

“Discipline, courage with 3rd Bat/26th Marines and 1st Bat/13th Marines.”

Stephen Coyle - Town-Green

“The Navy prepared me to become a business owner by instilling strong values and discipline to get things accomplished, goal setting and time management. It taught me how to deal with a variety of different people from all walks of life. It taught me to take pride in everything that I do.”

Marc House - Total Shred Solutions, LLC

“It has given me the passion a desire to serve my fellow members of society. Providing them with an invaluable service at a reasonable cost.”

Kandra Ferguson - Ferguson Alternatives LLC

“My military service prepared me to be a better business owner by working with other people of all nationalities and races. It prepared my by teaching me to be organized and mission focused.”

Douglas Akers - Fresh and Frozen Delights, LLC

“Having toured as a military musician and entertainer, I learn the secrets of having a good experience when traveling.”

Michael Embrey - FunME Events

“Learned to work as a team. Learned the need to keep studying. Leaned to plan ahead and to work a plan.”

George Trost - G. E. Trost & Associates, Inc.

“Military service (25) years has given me the necessary discipline and training to operate a business. After one year (1969) in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, running a business seems easy.”

Joseph Reis - Naval Aviation Cadet Benson

“I learned how to prepare an effective business plan and to execute the various details of the plan to the benefit of the organization.”

Ron Denbow - NE Ohio Real Estate, LLC

“The structure and procedures in place in the army helped shape me as a business owner. I am conscious that when I give my word to a customer, I have to deliver as promised. Delivery is essential but quality and timeliness are more important.”

collins dibaki - NED Services Inc

“Discipline, hard work, loyalty, and ready to go "All The Way".”

Kevin Beasley - New Start Realty and Relocation

“The biggest gift from the military for me lies in understanding the necessity for clarity at the onset of what you want to achieve, planning and organizing for that result and ensuring you have some way of getting on-going feedback about how things are truly going with respect to your plan.”

Reggie Crane - Next Level Coaching and Consulting Services

“Military service taught me discipline, strategic thinking, perseverance and teamwork.”

Tomas Santos-Alejandro - Nexus Technology Solutions

“Keep focused and operate with honesty and integrity.”

Duke Barrett - Night Bandit Publishing

“Professional Military Education and a Bachelor's Degree from Southern Illinois University has given me the tools to succeed in life.”

Orlando Daniel - NJ Vet Sales

“Military service helped shape a work ethic, team-work attitude, respect for authority and others, attention to detail, and world-wide experiences that would not have been possible otherwise. Those characteristics do carry over into the business world as viable traits to becoming a better business owner.”

R John Trodahl - Northfork Construction, Inc.

“To be on time and responsible for your actions!”

Jim Coshatt - T & C Services LLC

“'As I reflect back on my military experience and its “lessons learned”, it is clear that many are transferable to managing a business. First, you are only as good as your people. If you hire good people and mentor them, trust their will and allow them to grow, your team will ensure your business success. Second, hard work is the foundation toward developing a solid business model. Dedication and commitment are needed to ensure performance in the crowded business environment. Providing a quality product is not possible without the foundation. The last and I believe the most important lesson I brought with me from the Marine Corps was that nothing is as vital to success as high personal and professional morals and ethics. Without this standard success will soon slip from your group. Success in the business world is a challenge but possible following the principals acquired over a lifetime of military experience.'”

Terry Ebbert - T J Ebbert and Associates

“Military service has made me a better business owner because it has instilled in me that everything needs to be thorough, precise and done in a timely fashion. Being disciplined in getting tasks done efficiently and to be a team player.”

antone Nielsen - T. Nielsen Environmental

“Team work.”

Rboert Sanders - T.J. Reliable Handyman, Inc


Timothy Foor - T4 Construction, Inc

“I am able to plan, prioritize and execute a plan while ensuring all resources necessary are available!”

Tamasine Wood-Creighton - Tamasines Camo Green

“Military service has prepared me to be a better owner because it made me detail oriented. It also helped me with my organization skills. I learned that organization plays a vital role on order in your business.”

Juan Davis - Tandem Productions LLC

“My Military experience has taught me the value of commitment, character, and discipline. I apply these attributes to the way that I live my life and the way that I manage my business.”

William Cobb - Targeted Tactics, LLC

“Discipline, plain and simple.”

Kirt Anderson - TEC Trainer, LLC

“Work ethic.”

Ronald Woodfin - TetraTek, Inc.

“Being a Marine taught me the value of life and sacrifice. I learned to strive for those things that are important to me, and to never give up.”

Brian Grinston - The Alaska Veterans Project

“It gave me the ability to manage people.”

Lamont Jefferies - The Beverage Channel

“I was a Navy Corpsman for 10 years at which time my strong work ethic and discipline was forged. I thank the military for every good thing that has happened to me as well as every good trait I have grown.”

Kimberly Nash - The Bunny Baby

“My time in the Marine Corp taught me values such as honesty, hard work and discipline will pay you back ten fold in everything you do, including but not limited to, your personal life as well as your business.”

Ron McCollum - The Construction Services Group, Inc

“My military service provided me the discipline to achieve the goals I set for my organization.”

Fred Ezra - The Ezra Company

“The time I spent in the Army reenforced my resolve to achieve more than average goals. I was chosen as a platoon leader in basic and further developed a sense of responsibility and accountability. As I met fellow soldiers, I developed a deep respect for those who had seen combat and the sacrifices many made.”

Claudia "Tiger" Adams - The Horse In Sport

“The Marines instill self-respect, loyalty, attention to detail, and well to achieve dreams that may seem unreachable. Usually outnumbered, and trained to complete the mission and never to surrender, I view this poor economy as a strength, not a weakness, but to build on, and improve organizational operations to assure the highest customer service to accomplish company goals.”

Jerry Holmes - The Iowa Trim House

“I worked in Finance and Accounting, it helped me in communicating with people.”

Veniva Paul - The Jamaican Herbalist, LLC

“The two owners of the firm are both in the Army Reserves. We both deployed to Iraq. We are now at the same Army Unit. Michael Chen is a 1LT (O2) in the JAG Corp. He just received his commission. He was a SSG (E6) prior to getting commissioned. Rex Tran is a SFC (E7). The military service gave us both the will and drive to own our own business. It helped give us the confidence, patience and the ability to pay attention to the details necessary to build a business.”

Rex Tran - The Law Offices of Chen & Tran

“I credit my military service with providing me all of my computer skills and education. Additionally, it gave me the discipline and self motivation to make myself a better person to reflect well on my fellow soldiers and veterans.”

Angela Tourner - The Pink Padlock

“Communications and teamwork.”

James Sleter - The Place To Go Travel

“Leadership skills, management skills, and the ability to take calculated risks gained in the military set the stage. Also of importance is the ability to interact with people from all walks of life, flexibility (field expediency), motivation, quest for excellence, and the drive to succeed. I am truly grateful to have had the honor to serve.”

Lori Hansen - 2 Sisters Garlic

“It gave me the can do attitude. The U S NAVY taught me to never give up, failure is not an option. Always keep your word, be honest and truthful. Always do your best.”

George Graham - A-1 Plumbing Of Baltimore LLC

“When I was drafted in 1971 I was only 19 years old. The two years I served I grew up and matured. I learned team work and the meaning to words like pride, honesty, respect, and loyalty. Today I apply these traits to my business and work ethic.”

Terry Bazler - A-1 Pool Care

“The military discipline, policies and procedures helped me to be a better entrepreneur. Order, responsibility and commitment are keys to a successful business. PLDC (leadership training) helped me prepare to be a better boss as well. I was trained in the Army to be a mechanic, which was my career goal since grade school. Also included in my AIT (mechanic school) was an annex on recovery that peaked my interest as well as gave me a good idea what proper vehicle recovery was all about.”

Kim Ford - Bad Girl Towing

“I learned to stay 200 steps ahead of what people might want from me.”

James Wright - LastWright Music

“It has taught me key leadership, planning, and organizational skills.”

John Karafa - Leebcor Services, LLC

“Discipline, integrity, perseverance.”

Terence Jones - Legacy Contractors

“Trained me to supervise, multi task. It taught me that nothing in business is static and you need to be able to accept change.”

Ro Saxon - Legal Nurse Consulting of America LLC

“Discipline, hard work and ability to overcome. Motivated to be in control of my destiny, and will not be happy working for those who are not.”

Cian Miles - Pinnacle Innovations

“It provided the most amazing leadership training.”

Robert S. Beck - PinPont Results llc

“I feel that the discipline I learned while in the military has helped me be a better, more organized business owner.”

George W Kempton - Porceline Company

“I learned how to overcome diversity, remain focused on my goals, meet challenges with relentless passion in order to exceed the expectations of those I served with. I also gleaned much from the fine individual's who served around me with regard to leadership styles, foresight, and planning. Given awesome responsibility at a young age I learned how to make critical decisions under pressure which continues to serve me well.”

Robert Roy - Positive VSI, Inc.

“It helped prepare me to be able to deal with the unexpected situations and events that occurred outside of my planned strategy and how to react accordingly.”

Tony Whetstine - Poway Samurai Martial Arts

“Command position.”

W Creighten Cornett - LegalShield Independent Associate - Creighten Cornett

“Being in the Marines I have learned how to improvise, adapt, and overcome.”

Oscar Kelley - Life Insurance for All and (Diabetics) - Oscar Kelley

“Taught me discipline.”

Robert Abplanalp - Premier Carports

“My service in the U.S. Army has prepared me in business by: understanding my goals, mission, and methods used by competition. I am a combat veteran; so, I understand the “need to have” vs. the “nice to have” tools and strategies to survive and win. Leadership methods learned in the military have helped me coach, council, manage, motivate as well as discipline/reward my employees. Communication, documentation, initiative, organization, professionalism, teamwork, technical quality and technical quantity as well as time management skills were business tools that I learned while in the service.”

Dave Tong - Premier Technical Services Corporation

“Independent and confident.”

Dwayne Johnson - Consumer Choice Marketing

“The integrity, honesty, and pride that serving eight years in the Marines instilled in me shows through in every one of Pember Constructions' projects.”

John Pember - Pember Construction, LLC

“It has made me a more disciplined individual. I focus more on the task at hand while at the same time having the ability to change focus immediately for an emergency or if a task comes up that needs urgent attention.”

Joshua Herting - Phenom Security Integrators, LLC

“During my tour of duty, I managed funds, property, deployments and people. I am very blessed that I served. My professional duties included, military police and Aviation (UH1,OH58, Cobra).”

Edward Harris - Picture Perfect Framing & Art & Building Green Distributors, Inc

“Attention to detail and follow through Leadership.”

Robert Amacker - Process Engineering & Fabrication

“The skills that my partner & learned in the Marines & Air Force, with regard to assessment, planning & follow-through have all played an important part in the development of our business plan and implementation thereof.”

Edward Treanor - Problem Solver GPS Solutions

“The military taught me humility, honor, a strong work ethic, and follow thru.”

James Gigeous - Proficient Air LLC

“Organization, time management and leadership.”

Ed Pullen - Pullen Construction Services

“Discipline. Being on time. Doing what I said I would do. Responsibility. Loyalty.”

Rod Manuel - PuroClean Restoration Services - Humble TX

“Gave me tools to focus, organize, prioritize, set goals, prepare plans, execute plans, and keep going towards the objective (sales and satisfied customers).”

Ken Golden - QBS Consulting, Inc.

“The discipline and commitment learned while in the service has been a great influence on my personal life and career paths. The attention to detail and responsibility I learned during my active duty tours has greatly helped me to focus and prioritize my agendas and duties.”

Christopher Gambill - Qwiksharp

“Because of Combat Training @ Fort Polk during my Service Time. Work Ethics, Honesty, Character, Morality, Desire to Achieve.”

Emial Douglas - Automated Controls

“The technical and leadership training has certainly helped me a great idea, but the idea that you set goals and don't give up on a well thought out plan is probably the most important asset the military has provided me.”

Lee Shaffer - Southern Investigative Services

“I am a much more responsible, driven, & motivated entrepreneur who knows what to do to get the job done & understands the effort needed to see opportunities & investments through to the end. I help my clients also see the same opportunities & keep them in business. Staying within budget is very important & I help my clients make the most of what they can spend & the discipline to stay on their course of action no matter what the situation. If we must change, we adapt & overcome the obstacles”

Philip Gattuso - Southern Property Group, LLC

“Prior law enforcement K-9 handler, disabled veteran who rehabilitated herself back to health via dancing.”

Bethsheba Almah-Place - South Florida Belly Dancers

“For me it was the discipline to start true to course. It allowed me to become comfortable with stressful conditions and working with all types of people. The military personal and commitment to brothers in arms is something only a veteran and his family can understand. Whether you are WW1 or Desert Storm Veteran, we stand together in brotherhood.”

jack coovert - Southwest Refrigeration and Air Services

“Discipline, attention to detail, understanding the value of hard work and this great country!”

Hayden Hartland - Spearstone

“During my Personnel (HR) career in the Air Force, I gained the knowledge and experience needed to step out on my own. While on active duty I was also afforded the opportunity to pursue a degree in Management. I've always known that I would someday start my own company, so having proper the training, project management & people skills, and experience gained through the military are my foundation to successful entrepreneurship.”

Shelly Stafford - Stafford Home & Business Inventory, LLC

“Being in the U.S. Army taught me Business Structure. I has taught me how to carry out orders and go beyond the expected in bringing back results. Being part of the military family taught me the importance of communication ans structure. It also taught my son the importance of military life. He is currently serving in the US MARINE CORPS. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve your company and bring success to your endeavors.”

George Epps - Stars and Stripes Technologies

“Discipline, Leadership and Management.”

Don Franche - StayHome Care Solutions, Inc.

“My service has provided me with leadership skills, dedication, and has provided me with the morals that go far beyond the Army.”

Jason Stephenson - Stephenson Painting

“The military taught me discipline, courage & strength. It strengthened the qualities that I already had & just made me a better person in general. From all the traveling I guess you could say I am more cultured as well.”

Sandra Atkinson - Stress Busters Massage Therapy

“Serving in the military gave me the discipline and experience to run my own business. It taught me to serve my fellow man, so this prepared me to be a better business owner. I learned follow up skills necessary to become a good salesman to promote sales of my business. Thank you for this site.”

Tom Grissom - Sunshine Chem-Dry

“Strong Networking Abilities.”

Andre Tetrault - SW FL Biometrics

“Was given a typewriter while going into the seventh grade in school and have been typing ever since then. While in the Army in 1959, I was trained to be a Teletype Operator and worked at the Western Union at Ft. Benning, GA. Have been typing ever since then and had many excellent jobs which required my typing skills. Among them were Lockheed and also, Hughes Aircraft, typing Technical Manuals.”

LaWanda Lawson - Lighthouse Typing

“The military taught me leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and to be calm and think clearly under any adverse situations.”

Virgil Burton - Ligriv Technology, Inc.

“Perseverance. Being able to adjust to each situation.”

Tony A. Lane - Limb Walker Tree Service, Inc.

“The leadership training along with real life experiences prepared me to be a business owner. I use the same military values of hard work, integrity, being on time, and honesty in my business.”

William Coffey - Koalaty Clean

“Provided for a College Education.”

Donald B. Johnson - Donald B. Johnson & Associates

“Self discipline, dedication, proper planning, & follow through.”

Kevin Wallis - Dreamscapes Paving, L.L.C.

“Discipline, diligence, loyalty, persistence, passion, service, commitment.”

Paul Drury - Drury Realty

“It taught me to be organized.”

Norman Edwards - Veteran Lawn Service

“Attention to detail.”

MIKE ORMES - Veteran Lawn Service

“With the 6 different MOS's that I held, each one taught me something new on how to effectively run a squad, platoon and Battery and how to handle people differently to include training them. We all are different in how we respond to others and learn.”

Zachary Goss - Veterans Construction Group, Inc.

“Know how to manage and take risks.”

Ted Daywalt - VetJobs

“The Military taught me to Plan and stay focused on the goals I wish to accomplish above all to never give up!”

Edward Sordelet - Vets 4 Vets Inc

“Four years of service, including one year in Vietnam, can help one prepare for any contingency.”

Ron Ward - Ward Waterman Connell Architects, LLC

“Leadership skills, and the ability to organize and plan toward a given objective have been very valuable. Business is an ever-changing environment, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions while not loosing site of the goal keeps our business moving forward.”

Keith Hughes - West Seattle Natural Energy, LLC

“Discipline, responsibility, training.”

Bob Jennings - Westridge Energy, LLC

“The military has taught leadership, work ethic, and teamwork. These are all vital to the success of any operation. Organization is also stressed, as is attention to detail.”

James Ingram - Whetstone Contracting LLC

“Disciplined approach to getting a job done.”

James Wilson - Wilson Stoyanoff, PLC

“By instilling in me hard work and honesty that has lead to a successful business career.”

Philip Rogers - Windy Acres French Brittany's

“The U.S. Army taught me as a young man how to be a productive citizen of this Great Country. It also taught me that whatever task undertaken to complete it to the best of my ability.”

Jim Winters - Winters USA Fuels

“I retired after 30 years as a Navy Physician. My professional experiences were at navy industrial facilities (shipyards, air rework facilities) which gave me the insights into the medical needs of industry. I've written two books on the subject and am a frequent presenter.”

James Allen - Working Healthy Always LLC

“It made me aware of the need to document everything and follow orders and requirements to the letter.”

Don Downey - PD Associates

“Serving in the Army for 9 years gave me the confidence,patience,integrity and respectfulness to start my own company. There are 3 things in my life I am grateful for. Meeting my wonderful wife, being a proud father and joining the US Armed Forces.”

Darryl Jackson - Pearl Acquisitions Group, Inc

“The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP0 is straight forward and translates into a business plan very easily. You are well prepared to write a comprehensive plan if you have ever written documentation for MDMP or Operation Orders (OPORDs).”

William Peacock - PHD Computers, Inc

“25th Infantry Division Troop List as of 31 January 1970Vietnam. 595 combat engineers. Motivated me to go back and finish school.”

DANA SORENSON - Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

“My book has been in print for 10 years and I just wanted to "Give Back" for all of the help I've received through the VA.”

Tony DeLiso - Legacy: The Power Within

“Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment are a daily part of my business.”

Troy Olson - TNT Home Builders

“My military services has given me the discipline to do whatever I put my mind to.”

Shane Lee - Time for Taxes, LLC

“The Air Force taught me discipline to work hard, do a good job and to always follow through. The Air Force taught me to be organized and to always keep records of what I do. The Air Force taught me to respect everyone I come in contact with, including customers, everyone I meet on the road and especially my family who helps me run my business. The Air Force taught me many life lessons that I carry with me today, including to reach out for help when you need it.”

Charles Thrasher - Thrasher Trucking

“To be truthful, prompt and dedicated.”

TONY DELLINCARPINI - Thompson Press Inc.

“Working in a company, battalion, and brigade the military has taught me to deal with a wide variety of personalities, problems, and issues. The military has taught me to know when to react immediately and when to hold back and wait for the smoke to clear. Mostly, it has taught me to persevere in the face of tough economic times.”

Garrett Thompson - Thompson Family Chiropractic

“The military has prepared me to be a business owner by giving me the ability to relate to a diverse population and laid a foundation for good work ethics.”

Jan Holness-Wilson - The Touch 4 Health & Wellness

“Standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a term widely understood by those who have served in the armed forces. SOP refers to a step-by-step method for how a mission or function will be carried out and Veterans understand the importance of implementing and following SOP for a task to be executed and the mission completed successfully. This systematic approach sounds very similar to the business model, and is why more and more veterans are becoming better business owners/entrepreneurs.”

Andrew Sutton - The Sutton Connection

“It instilled discipline, motivation, & the will to succeed beyond all odds.”

Leon Grove - Grove Financial Group, Inc.

“I did construction while serving in Vietnam.”

Oscar Greene - Group III Mgt., Inc.

“I believe more young adults should enter the military service, it will help you to grow and grow up. Just the basics of what you learn will lead you into being a more responsible person. When we advertise for new positions in our company, we always ask if you have served in the military. This tells us that if they were successful in the service, then you will be a great addition to our company.”

Larry Lamanca - American Door and Glass

“Discipline to complete a task is at the top. Working as a team and taking the cost into account before beginning the task. Ability to stand on my own two feet.”

James George - American Cable Services

“Quality, Integrity, Dependability.”

Tim Alexander - Amerivet Painting

“Improved organizational skills, rigid self discipline, training to act as an unit, Much improved leadership skills.”

Wallace Rogozinski - Anacapa Technologies, Inc


Ron Gibson - Appenx, Inc.

“My military service disciplined me to always commit myself to the highest quality in all things, to be loyal, be honest and be a self-starter.”

Martha Macias-Alexander - Martha Macias-Alexander

“Leadership, people skills, communication, and the technology needed to perform the jobs and acquire the jobs. Project planning, and the ability to visualize an objective then do what is needed to follow through with the project or plan.”

Al Videtto - Arkansas IS LLC

“Discipline, honesty, persistence, and faith have been instilled in me through service to others.”

Christopher Gardner - Chris Gardner & Associates, LLC

“Leadership skills, attention to detail, properly trained.”

Michael Perry - Clear Solution Services

“Showing respect to others no matter what the situation. Showing up on time for all appointments. Doing the best job the first time.”

Brian Watkins - Coastal Year Round Lawn Service, Inc.

“My military service instilled in me attention to detail, follow through, organization and determination which is needed to operate a business today.”

JoElla Younkin - Cold Creek Coffee Company

“Working on a ship in the Navy gave me the leadership skills and the ability to work together as a team with many people. The Navy also showed me that I am responsible for my actions and made me strong enough to deal with everyday issues.”

John Reilly - Commercial Furniture Service Corp.

“It trained me to get things done and to lead people.”

Karl McHale - Computer Careers Inc.

“Honorable service in our military teaches the importance of team work, discipline, and dedication.”

Dennis Santo - Concerts For Troops, Inc

“With the discipline and leadership skills i am better prepared.”

Robert Hatler - Kentuckiana Creations LLC

“As an officer, I have been prepared with leadership attributes and communication skills that have helped me in business. I have also been given the confidence to pursue my goals despite the projected outcome.”

Jeremiah Minner - Connecticut Academy of Martial Arts

“Learning how to be a team player, always providing the best effort no matter what the task, seeking council if unsure on how to proceed with an assignment.”

Miichael Boss - Construction Consultants Ltd.

“After serving in Iraq as an Infantryman in the US Army, well I knew I could do ANYTHING. I opened a store where I could serve military members and public safety professionals, giving them the respect they deserve.”

Ezra Child - Cop's Closet

“The structure and problem solving skills from the Army combined with work ethic have given me leverage in general contracting community.”

Alan Sprinkle - Covenant Construction Service

“The military has taught me several things that have assisted me in starting my business. First and foremost is discipline.”

chris Pardini - Cozy Home Hawaii

“My years of experience in Business has prepared me for starting a new business.”

Richard Kaufman - CSR-Support LLC

“Honesty, integrity and pride in all we do.”

Patrick Sargent - CS Computer Solutions

“The NAVY made me a stronger person to address things head on, make business decisions, detail oriented person. Make sure all the i's and the t's were dotted and crossed. Be professional in all matters of business. Take charge, step up do what is right. Be fair be on time, keep your word. Be honest with everything and everyone. Do right by everyone.”

Eddie Jones - D & K Business Systems, Inc.

“Military discipline helps anyone who has experienced it.”

Kenneth Richter - D & R Technical Solutions, Inc.


Anthony G. Moretto - Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair, LLC

“Where else is a 19 year old kid going to be given as much responsibility and accountability? Some people go their entire lives without being as prepared for business as a one tour enlisted man.”

Dan Light - Dan Light Consulting

“Technical training and being attention to detail as well as teamwork learned while in the service have helped me greatly.”

Robert Pagliaroli - Dataman Backup

“Helped with being a leader.”

David Lee Cahow - DC Star Security Agency Inc.

“It taught me how to deal with people and understand that everyone has needs and to flexible.”

GARRY DELONG - Delong Plumbing Heating and Air

“Taught about discipline needed to do business.”

Dearl McPeak - Digital Microwave Communications

“Military training teaches you to be dependable and push yourself to be your best.”

Steve Hula - DIY Carpet Installation

“As a 20 year Air Force member, you learn certain aspects that aren't readily learned in the civilian sector. Qualities like leadership, mentoring, and a strong pride in success. The basic core values of the Air Force say it all: Service before self, Integrity, and excellence in all we do!”

Donald Johnson - DKJ Technologies

“Military service prepared me to enter the working world and build my own business by teaching me strong work ethic, determination and excellence in service standards.”

David Chaich - DKM Appliance Services

“The training provided in the Military provided the values and discipline necessary to execute and grow my business. A can do attitude, where there is no giving up, always going the extra mile. This sets us apart from our competitors.”

David Rambhajan - Industria Inc.

“Ability to make command decisions, lean on principles and instinct, and get the job done, no excuses.”

Dillon Sanders - Inbound, LLC

“Discipline and training pays rewards.”


“The military taught me the skills I need to succeed in my business.”

Robert Cox - Administrative Pro Services

“After experiencing two deployments, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity we have in America to do whatever we envision.”

Matt Edwards - Ad Astra Oil Corporation

“Gained self confidence and leadership abilities.”

Thomas Johnson - ACES Enterprises LLC

“Mainly, organization, preparation, execution, and confidence.”

James Harris - C&J Shredding Co.

“Discipline and commitment.”

Brian Crist - C-TEL Crist Telecom, Inc

“It has created a sense to help others in their time of need.”

Ernesto Figueroa - Cadence Surveillance and Investigation

“From an early age (18) learned about team work and applying skills to deadly serious, mission critical tasks that had to be done, and done correctly the first time. That stays with you and transfers to any endeavor one takes after service to the country. Additionally, my first experience as an investigator was in the military and those basic schools and courses plus the practical experience made for a great platform on which to build and hone my skills.”

William Cage - Safe-Screen

“Getting the job done!”

ARMONDO LERMA - California Precision Builders

“Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Providing Quality Service.”

michael w. carruthers - Carruthers Construction & Safety Company Inc.

“Management from the ground up.”

William Comee - Charter Trading Corporation

“The Marine Corps taught me to never quit, keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals and to take care of the people who take care of you.”

Craig Lawrey - HammerDown Firearms

“Leadership skills.”

Earl Passmore - Earls Lawn Care

“It's an experience that should be mandatory for all graduates of high school for at least two years.”

Jay Canals - AIC Window Services

“Professional achievement and performance in the service has helped me to be disciplined in my duties which helps me to better serve my clients. They appreciate honesty, and thoroughness in which I strive to give them on each project.”

Steven Hobden - Big Valley Packaging

“As a woman-owned and veteran-owned company, I would be very open to hearing a bout opportunities in our state and others. I believe it is important to work with other veteran organizations - supporting our troops, both current, future and retired.”

Barbara Davis - BKN Supply

“As a member of the USAF I was selected to attend NCO Leadership School as an E-4. I was selected as a Stripe For Exceptional Performance Recipient after turning around a office that was devastated by attrition. Having 7 people under me who were on their way out the door, and 7 people just new to the military, I was able to install recognition programs to motivate all members involved resulting in Professional Military Office of the Year Awards.”

Ernest Blue Jr - Blue Crew Realty LLC

“Created independence and discipline.”

Jimmy Henry - Blue Gables Motel and Coffee Bar

“The leadership skills and decision making action (the value of action over inaction) have allowed me to apply my skills to running a successful organization.”

Rob Martens - Bold Alternatives

“Leadership training, confidence in my abilities, planning. Willingness to take risks.”

John Booth PE MBA - Booth Civil Engineering PA

“The discipline and leadership gained as a US Marine has prompted me to venture into a profession where I can provide employment opportunities to others, provide a meaningful service, and remove myself from the corporate boondoggle that only profits the big guys.”

Donald Brown - Brilliance Commercial Cleaning Service

“Focus, Experience, World View, and Contract Negotiations.”

Gary Harber - Broadband Technology Corp

“Discipline, confidence, & drive.”

Daniel DiMento - Buena Vista Landscaping

“It has helped me learn to set goals and meet deadlines. It taught me discipline and to be self motivated.”

Denise Boulet - 1navywoman

“Discipline and organization!”

Ron Vice - Semper Fi Lawn Care and Snow Removal

“Both chief instructors are separated Marines with combat experience. One Vietnam and the other Desert Storm. Both instructors have more than 10 years service in the Marine Corps. Marines are noted for their discipline, determination and fitness.”

Shane Mello - Semper Fi Tae Kwon Do & Self Defense, Inc

“Prepared me to lead my employees and make critical calls for the better of my company!”

Eric Perez - Semper Fight

“The can do attitude." If you have been there you understand.”

Leigh Carby - Service First Supply

“My time in the United States Army taught me self discipline, respect and love for country.”

Gary Toth - Shirley Foods Inc

“When serving as an Airborne Ranger with the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, I sustained a line-of-duty knee injury during a parachute mission. I had to work every day to rehabilitate my knee; however, the injury ultimately caused my medical discharge from the Army. I, more than most other personal injury lawyers, understand how it feels to suffer from and overcome a life-changing injury. I can relate to my clients, and I can better present my injured clients to juries.”

Timothy Nies - Van Riper and Nies Attorneys, P.A.

“The USAF taught me to persistently strive for growth and improvement.”

Robert Earl - Utility Control Systems Management, Inc

“Wife is co-owner and she is the veteran.”

Stephen Brooks - Killeen Fence Company

“Trained as an electrician by the Navy (SeaBees). Good beginning for electronic signs and construction business.”

Ronald Alvey - Electronic Display Systems, LLC

“Attention to detail and dedication to excellence.”

Homer Betts - Electronic Health Care Solution

“Serving 21 years in the United State Air Force has prepared me to be a better business owner primarily because eleven of those years I served as a Military Training Instructor. The job of an Instructor requires total professionalism and dedication. Dealing with several different backgrounds and attitudes at any given time could not have prepared more.”

Darlene Brown - Fully Promoted powered by Embroidme

“United States Marine Corps, Honor, Courage, Commitment and Attention to Detail. All lessons learned in the Marines are priceless that gave me a strong edge over my civilian competition. No college in the world can teach you to be a leader like the Marine Corp.”

Rajendra Hariprashad - Ena's Driving School, Inc.

“Retired now. I learned how to respect all people as well as how to communicate effectively while understanding the importance of good leadership in all areas of life.”

Chuck Toynbee - Enagic USA - Independent Contractor Chuck Toynbee

“My training in the military gave me the characteristics needed to run a successful business.”

Kenneth Millman - Energized Electrical Systems LLC

“The Army taught me that I could do far more than I ever believed possible. With teamwork and determination, all problems can be overcome or worked around. That you don't quit until the job is done. The military gave me confidence in myself, exceptional leadership skills, and a lasting sense of pride in our great country. I feel honored and privileged to have been able to serve.”

Betty Bishop - Workhorse Bookkeeping

“The discipline to accomplish tasks no matter the obstacles was probably the biggest advantage.”

Paul Ziemba - Environmental Professionals, Inc.

“During my first wes-pac in 1984 on the USS Robinson DDG-12 I was sent to the galley to cook for 6 weeks. Seeing my shipmate’s everyday excited to eat everything I placed on their tray. Made me realize how much I loved to give great food to people. I had always worked in the business but never wanted to just cook the same stuff that everyone else had. At 45 I decided to open my first shop "Hot Dawgs" in Grove City OH and never looked back. America is all about looking at what you want and making happen.”

Ken Jewell - Hot Dawgs!

“Military training and schooling. ”

Alvio Dominguez - HSCL LLC

“The discipline of the military is the greatest teacher followed by respect for people and self. It also gave me the skills to go into this business and being in the Navy in such close quarters taught me how to get along really well with all kinds of people and all types of situations.”

Alvin Anderson - I40 Machine & Tool, Inc.

“They been taught leadership and to use determination, focus, goal setting to do my job.”

Ellen Sanders - Ichiban Cleaning, Inc.

“The structure and training of the Army was very significant in preparing me to become a business owner.”

George Bailey - IEQ Engineering

“The military has provided the technical training and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the electronic security industry.”

Michael Thomas - Integrated Security Holdings Group

“It has taught me the importance to others of being responsible, accountable and honest in everyday business and personal relationships. It focuses on security and stability. Personal and business financial matters demand discrete and honorable relationships and total accountability. The military training and lifestyle instills these traits as the "only right choice" in every transaction.”

David Oliver - Integrity Taxes and Business Solutions

“The two most important traits that I developed while serving in the Navy were: 1. Attention to detail, and 2. Tenacity. Without these two traits, I would have never been able to open my own business.”

John Crews - Intelligent Information Publishing

“Military service gave me the strength, patience and courage to achieve my goal of owning and running my own tech-based business. The military gave me the "never give up" attitude.”

Christopher Parchman - Universal Sky

“Proud of what I do for charter clients. Trainable and can learn new things everyday. Commitment to finish the mission.”

Jeff Lyons - Island Time Charters

“Integrity, work ethic, timeliness, efficiency.”

Austin West - IT Veterans, LLC

“My military service in the navy has taught me to accept the unexpected and never give up.”

Jess Briske - J & S Creative Metal Works, LLC

“Military service enabled me to attend college and obtain advanced degrees which enabled me to work for some of the largest businesses in America including Microsoft. Also the discipline and challenges that I learned at an early age in the military helped me be a more disciplined individual who loves a challenge. The interpersonal relationships that are a normal part of military service helped prepare me for meeting and working with people in the business world.”

Joe Bailey - J & S Properties of N.S.B., LLC

“After 20 plus years in the Army, I learned that self discipline and self motivation is key to success in any endeavor. I was afforded the opportunity to work in public relations, international relations, customer service, and inventory management along with other areas that has prepared me to successfully own and operate my own business. The leadership and people skills learned throughout my career have also prepared me to successfully manage multiple employees at various skill levels.”

Jon Shoemake - J C Contracting

“Military service has prepared me to be a better business owner through pride & dedication. To do what is fair for the customer. Service above self.”

John Anderson - J L Anderson LLC

“The Marine Corps taught perseverance, self-discipline, and self-confidence, as well as the benefits of hard work, team work, and keeping a keen focus on my goals and deadlines. Without that, I would not have been able to make the decision or dedication to start my own business, as well as maintain it and build the clientele and returning customers that I have.”

J. Higgins - J's Oil Supply & Accessories

“By providing me strength, endurance, and confidence (not only physically but mentally), I am better prepared for the civilian workforce. With great leadership and versatility, the Marines have created an incomparable competitive edge for me.”

Edward McDonald - J. T. SALEM & Associates

“My military experience prepared me for the dedication required to own and operate my own small business. Without the four years of my life spent in service to my country I would be flipping burgers instead!”

Jason Janes - Janes Surveying, Inc.

“20+ years of military leadership and discipline have prepared me for many things and starting JATOP Total Defense is just one of those. It has also provided me with the internal motivation and drive to keep going when others fail.”

Jeff Albritton - JATOP Total Defense

“I served in the USAF for 4 years from 1997 to 2001 in Ellsworth AFB, SD. The military helped develop a greater love for this great country. It also taught me to pay close attention to details.”

Kevin Edwards - Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc.

“Leadership and discipline.”

Sharon Elshaug - Insightful Solutions, Inc.

“Military service teaches you team work and discipline and these are important to have when you are running your business.”

Edward Horn - Horn Corp

“As a former infantry member, Purple Heart recipient and Medal of Honor awardee, I have learned the necessities of communication, teamed efforts, honor and respect and have used these life lessons to achieve success in many business I have formed and been a part of through my life. I am a humble man and wish to continue to use all that is available in this great country to continue further succeeding in business and helping other veterans to do the same.”

Peter Essa - Homeland Operations, LLC

“It has provided me with a solid sense of self confidence as well as training in a variety of areas. I am much more organized and prepared than prior to my military service.”

David Hillary - Hillary CPA Group


Susan Barrow - High Desert Design

“Being in the military prepared me to be a business owner by teaching me responsibility and integrity. There is great honor being a veteran and I am proud to have served my country. In exchange for my service I received exceptional training and developed a sense of camaraderie that cannot be duplicated.”

Kenneth Ruppert - Happy Home Inspections, Inc.

“As General Partner, I am responsible for marketing, contracting, finance, taxes, and overall management of this company. My Navy (and Merchant Marine) service afforded me greater self-confidence, plus motivational and leadership opportunities,”

Taylor JESSE Clear - Rubber Mulch Is Us LLC

“It taught me to go after what I want and never give up.”

Sammie Moore - SamCo Services

“Military life helped shape my life go better serve my customers.”

chuck Brokhoff - Scrubs Mobile Auto Spa LLC

“Taught leadership and management skills while providing unique experience and qualifications.”

George Gennin - SDS International

“Determination and willingness to improve.”

PAUL ZIEMBA - SDV Contracting, LLC

“My time in the corp has laid the foundation for who I am as business attention to detail is pounded into a marine since day one!”

tyrone sebasky - Sebasky Painting

“Adapt and overcome.”

Joseph Seeger - Seeger Tech Solutions

“Leadership skills and self confidence.”

Clinton Mitchell - Seegra, LLC

“Military service instilled a sense of disciple, organization, team work, and accountability into our organization. The name of our company, Semper Fi, translates into "always faithful to our mission". We take that phrase literally, and it permeates our corporate culture.”

Kenneth Lee - Semper Fi SDAV, LLC

“Semper Fidelis.... Semper Fit!”

Elijah Sacra - Semper Fit

“Marine Corp. Discipline.”

Randy Bathemess - Sentinel Systems LLC

“Responsibility. Knowing how to do the job and get it done.”

James Lutz - Serpico Pizza

“My military service has provided me with a profound respect for all veterans as well the country we served. The team work you experience on a daily basis is comparable to professional sports. I was able to bring this team mentally to my industry. This allowed open communication with my customers as well as other professionals in the cleaning industry. My business has greatly benefited from the "TEAM" mentality fostered by the military.”

Shawn Nachurski - Shawn's Cleaning Service LLC

“Discipline. Trading and portfolio management is much like close order drill, rifle range, and real combat. Close order drill with a rifle has a purpose: to instill instant response to orders. It's a lot like the process of developing a decision-making systems for investment management. You learn the drills, you practice firing it down the range, but what you do in the heat of the battle is all that matters. Investment managers with an edge are trigger-pullers. We are able to execute, discipline.”

Mike Shell - Shell Capital Management, LLC

“My time in the Marine Corps helped me survive combat and all of life's challenges. It is hard to believe it was 40 years ago when I was a Radio Operator in Viet-Nam.”

John Richardson - I Am Free Forever

“On time every time.”

Ed Hoessman - IGC Associates, Inc.

“The military has allowed me to gain leadership skills, organizational skills, customer service skills and knowledge for working with others in partnership. I was able to have 12 years in the military and I loved it.”

Quincy Quarles - Positive Reach

“Taught me how to be accountable.”

Tom O'Reilly - Insurance Quotes Chicago

“I learned discipline, focus, grit, compassion, empathy, and servant leadership. I was immersed into the neuroscience of adult learning through PME (professional military education) as both a student and trainer. My exposure to the amazing diversity of humanity and the plight of the "under dog" continues to influence how I treat others. I learned the cost of freedom and the importance of preserving it. God, family, country.”

Dennis Funk - Edifi Training

“My Marine Corp career helped me become a leader of not only troops but to be able to make decisions on the spot and never second guess myself. The military trains individuals to get things done not alone but as a team and get the job or task completed as one, which is needed in any business setting.”

Anthony Bowers - Taylor Made Enterprises, LLC

“Learning to drive and work hard and be the best has taught me to be the best and always strive to be the best. We even live by our own version of the ARMY values here at Techwarrior Computer Service.”

Roderick Rotzien - Techwarrior Technologies LLC

“Responsibility and Managerial duties, working with people to accomplish many scheduled and unscheduled missions helps you become a excellent multi-tasker. Learning to work smarter and not always harder to accomplish assigned tasks on time. Training and leadership provided at phases of learning and educating the mind to be responsible for enormous workloads at a moments notice helps you relate to the business world.”

Mike Williams - Telmek LLC

“I served 2 years with the Military Police which taught me to be self reliant and to think on my feet. I took advantage of VA Training With the first Architectural firm I first worked with in 1973.”

Terence Myers - Terence L. Myers Architect Inc.

“All Heart Home Care is a Veteran owned senior home care agency owned and operated by Eric Barth who formerly served in the United States Air Force. I proudly served my country and now with dedication & compassion I aid seniors and fellow Veterans in receiving the best home care services San Diego has to offer. I recruit the most trusted caregivers in the Greater San Diego area. To my fellow Veterans, I thank you for your service. For quality senior home care needs, call All Heart Home Care at 619-736-4677.”

Eric Barth - All Heart Home Care

“The leadership and discipline I learned while in the Army has helped me manage people to get my work accomplished.”

Eric Teets - The IronCraftsman

“I was a LRRP for the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. I learned it is better to be behind the enemy than in front of him because he doesn't know you're there. I learned that the skills of a warrior who goes actively out to face the enemy are good preparation for business where you have to create your idea and then go out and make it happen. I learned discipline, follow-up, and integrity. I also learned to get my hands dirty and work hard.”

Larry Chambers - The Larry Chambers Company

“Throughout 30 years as an Air Force Judge Advocate, I provided legal advice to thousands of active duty & retired military members & their families, across all ranks & services. Combined with my subsequent government & corporate experience, I learned how to work effectively within a large organization. I also learned what it takes to stand up for my clients, say "NO" to those in authority, & argue that my clients deserved better treatment. This has helped prepare me to confront the VA.”

Barry Allen - The Law Office of Barry P. Allen

“The military has trained me to lead in a variety of environments. I am ready to enter the civilian world using this knowledge and experience as my backbone!”

Jeffery Kane - The Margarita Man of Columbia

“The Air Force taught me about self discipline and how to constantly thrive to better myself. The Air Force also taught me the need for, and importance of, attention to the details of any task I undertake.”

Kevin M. Leonard - The Ohio Home Inspections Company

“Don Stallard retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel. His most recent positions were Deputy Commander of Resources and Squadron Commander for airlift forces at Rickenbacker ANGB, Ohio and Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. He also served 5 years on active duty in the Air Force as a jet pilot and is a decorated Vietnam veteran. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged in 1984 when he applied his military background and business experience with the founding of The Reserves Network.”

Don Stallard - The Reserves Network

“I find it necessary and a competitive advantage to be decisive and fully committed to a course of action. My military training included an emphasis on the importance of decisiveness. That training has served me well over the years.”

John Kopra - The Retirement Plan Company, LLC

“When I joined I was in communications, took some customer service classes, was an instructor and counselor. Help service members prepare to enter the civil an world. Worked with supply department.”

Randy Turner - The Sports Shop

“My employment as an entry level shipping and receiving clerk was interrupted in 1965 to partake in an opportunity with the U.S. Air Force. The training and experiences gained over my four year tour were instrumental in successfully regaining my civilian employment, facilitating further education, and eventually purchasing my employer.”

Paul Hirzel - E & E Special Products

“I was a cryptologist and linguist for the Marines. I expected to go to NSA upon separation from active duty, but they had a hiring freeze on. I went to temp agencies seeking work while I waited, one tested me, and decided I was an "IT guy" because I had good experience in systems implementation and database development and analysis. I was assigned to a small company where my blend of technical skills, leadership ability, and can-do attitude, all learned from the Marines, got me started.”

David Grinberg - DynaVet Solutions, LLC

“My military service has prepared me to be a business owner in many ways. Being in the military has given me organization and leadership skills. I am able to stay calm under pressure and have the perseverance to tackle any task and see it through, no matter how difficult it is, thanks to the challenging situations I faced as a member of the Armed Services.”

Tamara Duke - Duke Family Carpet Cleaning & Flood Service

“By instilling the concept of "Can Do!" into all facets of my life.”

H Brummel - Bruce Brummel

“The leadership skills and attention to detail have helped prepare me to be a better small business owner.”

Daniel Schutt - Double Time Transit

“Helped me learn how to multi-task, prioritize requirements, and manage staff.”

Nicole Pennell - Dogtopia of Charlotte

“My travels while in the US Navy gave me a great deal of exposure to a variety of cultures which allowed me to jump into international business with a smaller learning curve in relation to different cultures. The work ethic I learned from my time in the Navy has proven to be a difference between me and my competition.”

Steven King - Deltapro Consulting, LLC

“The service taught me to get to work early, stay late, and work hard in-between!”

David Hadley - db Hadley & Associates, LLC

“As a 20 year retired Chief Gunners Mate, I learned to lead and take care of my people. They are the ones that make me successful and I am nothing without them.”

David & Terri Rohman - D&T Arms

“The most important part of the military experience is Team Work. What you learn and experience is working successfully with others in completing the mission. My Drill Sargent always reminded us by saying "Never assign a task that you cannot or will not do yourself". I have always lived by this, will continue and have been rewarded with success.”

Thomas LaMere - 930 Enterprises Ltd.

“My military service has greatly increased my work ethic and shown me the importance of integrity. I stand firm on principles and doctrines the military has taught me and how being a previous member of the military has trained me to be accurate and have attention to detail.”

Jeff Stewart - PayCrew Services

“I am very goal orientated, and hold myself, employees and business to a higher standard.”

Thomas Rostron JR - Tom Rostron Co. Inc

“Organization skills and having and working toward daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals!”

Thomas Fitzgerald - TPF Electrical Services

“Twenty years in the Marine Corps instilled the intangible character traits (such as discipline, drive and motivation) that has helped me to succeed as an independent business owner.”

Timothy Perry - Tracy Perry Salon

“Command pilot with over 7000 hours, 1200 in Vietnam in 1968. Taught Computer Science at Air Force Academy for 12 years. During that time I managed two computer centers, lead the acquisition team for the budgeting, specification, bidding, negotiating, awarding, and installing of five major computer systems. Management skills learned during career greatly enhanced my ability to lead civilian enterprises.”

Jerry B. Smith - Tranex Inc

“It taught me integrity, maturity, responsibility and a love of country. I realized how good we have it here after a tour in Southeast Asia.”

Len MInotti - Tri-County Pressure Washing

“As an Ensign in the USNR I was assigned to DDG-9 USS Towers as Asst Weps. I was 21 and had a division of 27 men ranging in age from 18 to 49. I grew up quickly and learned how to manage in a crisis... which is the same as managing in non-crisis mode... learned a lot about being squared away and responsibility which has carried me thru life in my business and personal life. I am currently the Commander of the Tigard Community Emergency Response Team with 150 volunteers under me.”

Bruno Amicci - Triad Technology Group

“Willingness to tackle and task, location, and requirement in order to achieve the goal.”

Dale Church - Triton Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“The discipline and organizational skills instilled in me as a young soldier has influenced every aspect of my life personally and professionally to include the way I run my company and treat my clients.”

Thomas Stamulis - True North Group

“When the going gets tough the tough get going!”

Pablo Fel - True Vision Optical

“Honesty and integrity above all else.”

David Bixler - Twin City Metro Wash, Inc.

“We provide our services on time and under budget. As a former Marine I am determined to make sure every project big and small receives the same get it done attitude.”

Edward Cornell - Ultra Commercial Interiors

“It has provided with the knowledge and tools to manage an organization effectively and efficiently.”

Shameka Miller - Unique Administrative Resources


James Conley - Direct Connect Computer Systems, Inc.

“The Army gave me the self discipline to complete college and start a career in manufacturing which led to owning my own facility.”

Eric Szewc - EPS Machining

“Taught me to be better through organization, hard work, and preparation.”

Thomas Abercrombie - eWaste Disposal Inc.

“My time in the Army was spent dealing with challenging issues around the world. We were always short on time, people, and resources. Being able to complete the mission no matter the situation is a skill you can't be taught. Now, I find myself facing challenges and obstacles in the business world. I'm confident that I can get the job done, just like I did in the Army. Plus, now there isn't anyone trying to blow me up.”

Justen Garrity - Garrity Renewables LLC

“Honesty, integrity, training and attention to detail.”

William Geer - Geer Services Inc.

“My time in the Air Force taught me dedication, a strong work ethic, and relational skills used in business today.”

Scott Geater - Geater Machining and Mfg.

“Maturity, integrity, professionalism, timely.”

Greg Scheer - GC Scheer Inspections & Testing, LLC

“The experience I gained serving in the U S Marine Corps has given me the confidence, leadership abilities, and discipline to successfully operate my business.”

Carmen Pitarra - GC Enterprises, LLC

“Signal corp specialist message center, crypto responsibility. Leading the security of the message center. These areas taught me to take responsibility for making sure we were following procedures to make us successful in our job function. Today that conditioning makes me follow the same training needed to face even a more dangerous area the business world.”

Lee Schiller - GB International Packing Service Inc

“It helped my to go from a boy to a man and the responsibilities that go along with it, It took me out of my comfort place and showed me a whole new world out side of it.”

Joseph Russo - Eagle Rock Floors

“Discipline, integrity and the will to complete our mission give us a distinct advantage.”

Stephen Manthey - Kane Manthey Architects Incorporated

“The United States Navy gave me the critical experience that I needed in order to succeed in this industry. The military bearing that was instilled in me is my most valuable trait.”

Erik Holston - Solar Electric, Inc.

“The discipline and focus I gained in the Army has helped me throughout my life, and it helps me in my business as well.”

William Ashby - Ashby's Crafts and Gifts

“Going in the Navy at 17 helped give me the edge Ii needed when I separated. I would do it all again. Go Navy!”

lenny Anderson - ASAP Water Damage Restoration

“The Army taught me how to work with people.”

Frank Garito - Asbestos Corporation of America

“My professional goals are simply a continuation of the leadership concepts I developed in my military career. Which is to be so effective in developing individuals, teams, and systems, that any business can thrive because I have developed resourceful leaders. Every day we must deliver results and how we deliver those results makes a difference in our personal and professional success.”

Gabrielle Bernal - GEM Elite Marketing

“In combat to be successful all personnel have to be well trained and on the same page. Our personnel are trained on the newest techniques in cleaning and briefs on the constantly evolving chemical we use. Our mission statement is short and must be adhered to.”

Lance Dugger - Shining Star Services of Brevard Inc

“My Army training coupled with putting it to good use during 2 deployments has helped me. Also being an NCO.”

Calvin Mister - Blue Collar Management, LLC

“The military taught structure and discipline but provided the ability to think for oneself. This traits have been foundational.”

Louis Christie - LMC Management Services

“My experience of leading others, and the work ethic has greatly prepared me for the service of my company. It has given me the knowledge of what it takes to motivate others to obtain the goals that are set before them, and the attitude to concur.”

Alphonso Jackson - Lockitdown Technical Services, Inc

“The training and the team work.”

Joseph Fisher - Logistical Ground Services, LLC

“It is very simple - It taught me hard work - team work - and discipline!”

Frank Myers - Low Voltage Cabling Systems, Inc.

“The US Navy educate in me in electronics specializing in radar & radio repair. I accelerated in precision work, good work ethics, pride & much more.”

Jeff Atkison - Low-Voltage Professional

“Discipline & training for inventory & supply control of various products & services.”

Larry Freistein - LS Chemical Services

“The military training we received educated and trained us in self discipline, self management, self starter, independent thought, and the importance of continued education. Of special importance was the the belief in duty, honor, and country. All of these disciplines and beliefs have created by way of life experience one more incontrovertible truth, the importance of family. This has been my cornerstone for success.”

R. Jeffery Daley - Luxury Valley Homes Realty

“Have served my country and now serving my community.”

William McClammy - M TECH Home Inspections

“At the age of 18 I joined the US Navy and learned more about Discipline. My parents got me started, but the NAVY taught me a system of rules governing conduct or activity. The best business's use the golden rule. Treat others as you would yourself.”

John Gutmann - Machine Press Video Productions

“Discipline, hard work, respect, delegate, responsibility, assertiveness, loyalty and most of all good common sense.”

RICHARD COLUCCI - Seacoast Imprint

“I am very diverse because of the military.”

Ruth Bostick - Silvergem Enterprises

“Discipline, honor, commitment, were just words before the military. Now I live by them!”

Kim Thompson - Sistre's LLC

“Trained on how to be a leader, dedication, fairness, and have pride for your business.”

Steven Kraslen - SM Kras Merchandising

“As a Management Systems Officer in a naval industrial facility assembling and testing Polaris Missiles, I designed and implemented a Production Inventory Management System. Later on that background assisted me when I was working as a Manufacturing Engineer Manager and developed a materials processing concept that saved the company $350,000 annually. Further I worked in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility to do with sales, engineering and manufacturing.”

Richard Zielinski - Hydra Technology Corporation

“Being in a Tank Commander in Vietnam taught me that there is always a way to achieve success. The road ahead may seem impossible to cross, but with determination and some quick thinking anything is possible.”

Jeffery Locke - iAttachments

“The Air Force gave me the opportunity to travel to countries where being in business was a necessity to survival. Military life gave me a discipline and ability to look strategically and tactically at situations in order to better make decisions. I have been in business for over 16 years.”

Lazone Grays, Jr. - IBSA, Inc.

“The military takes honor, commitment, integrity and courage. Beyond those essential ingredients, one of the most important values in an organization is the ability to lead, and understand the ability to sort through complex challenges and find successful solutions in any situation. These values which were instilled in me have made me a successful and prepared entrepreneur.”

Bill Williams - Industrial Hygiene Services

“Military situations have given me the precedent and the preparation necessary for dealing with the daily adversity that comes with running a small business. Additionally, the lessons of leadership while in the service of our country has provided me with an outstanding foundation for leading the employees of our organization. A day does not go by that I am not thankful for the experiences, the friendships and strong bond formed while in the US Armed Forces. Thank You!”

Lou Bartulovic - Interior Classics Inc.

“I am who I am today because of my years on active duty. It takes everything that I've learned leading soldiers to run my own business.”

Tim Higgins - International Minute Press of Western Wayne County

“Discipline and a drive to do things better have been applied to my grooming business.”

Jeffrey Martinez - Zoom Groom Mobile Pet Spa

“My experience as a Navy Air Traffic Controller taught me to manage multiple complicated tasks simultaneously.”

J Mark Olsen - Neslo Ventures LLC

“Taught me to work hard, be discipline, never give up!”

lee sampson - New Foundation Cleaning Services

“The US Navy gave me a technical background that allowed me to understand the power of the internet and technology which we use in our business model extensively. Three years of Naval Recruiting experience allowed me to design a sales training program to insure the best well rounded sales force of any real estate firm in America.”

Cory Kammerdiener - LLC

“In my 40 years as a veteran entrepreneur in the fields of Information Systems and Real Estate, the knowledge gained is the result of my military experience, my diligence to excel and my love of the business environment. Through all these endeavors and support of my family, I believe I have accomplished a great deal and I applaud the Army for showing me the correct way to handle life’s situations. I firmly believe every American should spend time in one of our distinguished military branches.”

Patrick Rann - Next Day Appraisals, Inc.

“Being a Security Specialist in the Air Force trained me to follow procedures, be disciplined in my actions, to think before acting and how to manage people. Desert Storm taught me, first-hand, what courage and integrity is and what could happen when they are lacking. Honesty, teamwork, integrity, courage - with self and others.”

Jay Kurtz - STL On Line, Inc.

“Facing reality. I can remember when I got to Vietnam, the first thing I saw was a banner that read "Stay Alert, Stay Alive" and then a top Sargent said I know your a little concerned about being killed. "Don't because you'll never hear the one that gets you" 1.) So in the business world I've stayed alert & stayed alive 2.) I don't worry about who is going to do damage to what or whom because 9/10 you never see it coming.”

Edward Burns Sr - Video Suspects, Inc.

“Leadership, endurance, commitment, focused, organized, results-oriented.”

Doug Hutten - Victory Ranch Inc.

“As a Navy trainer I learned the value and importance of developing your people to accomplish the mission. This philosophy has carried over into the private sector where this importance translates into revenue performance and profits.”

Stephen Tanzer - Global Performance Strategies LLC

“Setting measurable goals and meeting them while working with a team.”

Joshua Evans - Global Security Options

“Military service has shown me not only how to lead, but how to follow. The principles of "adapt and overcome" have never been so valuable as they have been in running my own business. "Never give up" and "failure is not an option" are my mantra. As a real estate agent, giving selfless service is a necessity.”

Cathy Baumbusch - GoArmyRealEstate

“By teaching me discipline, thoroughness and attention to detail - "Mission first. People always.”

Robert Pavlik - Gold Key Home Inspections

“The Ohio Air National Guard taught be to be able to work in any situation. I gained many leadership skill through the military. It has made be a very knowledgeable business owner.”

Kevin Gordon - Gordon Excavating, LLC

“Whenever anyone asks how I learned my trade as a private investigator, the top response would be my military training. At a young age, the military taught me to pay attention to detail - to appreciate and respect my team - to keep my military bearing and the appointments I set. My investigations are detailed and thorough, just like my commanding officers demanded with my work product while in the military.”

Patricia DeVore-Gray - Gray & Gray Investigations

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